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NRES 287: Environment and Society

This course examines the relationship between environment and society, and implications for ecological and human well-being. Several social science perspectives are used to discuss topics such as environmental ethics, decision-making, social constructions of nature, and environmental risks and hazards. Students in this class are encouraged to build critical thinking skills focused on contemporary problems in the interface between people and nature. This is a required course for all undergraduate students in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.

RST 593: Human Dimensions Seminar

This graduate-level course encourages critical thinking about recreation research and practice, familiarity with current issues and trends, and dialogue about how best to enhance the experiences of recreationists and the resources they enjoy. Course material draws primarily on peer-reviewed literature and covers the causes and consequences of management practices. RST 502 is one of three “core” courses required for graduate students in RST. In Fall 2015, Dr. van Riper facilitated the cross listing of this course in NRES. Enrollment in Fall 2014 was ten and Fall 2016 was seven students.  


I will be teaching a new class in Fall 2017 called, "Valuing Nature" that will focus on concepts of place and environmental attitudes.

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