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Welcome to the van Riper Lab website!

Human impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems continue to escalate at unprecedented rates. Research on the factors that shape human behaviors cannot be undervalued, because some people tend to act in environmentally-friendly ways whereas others make decisions that exacerbate pressures on the natural world. Our research group provides insight into mechanisms such as values, norms, and attitudes that explain how people perceive their surroundings and commit to behaviors that minimize environmental degradation. While much of this work is necessarily interdisciplinary in scope, we are particularly interested in testing psychological theories to understand behavior change and inform management decisions about how best to sustain ecosystem structures and functions in protected areas. Our key topical areas of interest include:

  • Research on the correlates of environmental behavior, particularly values


  • Participatory mapping and latent variable modeling techniques 


  • Engagement with natural resource management agencies primarily in the U.S., Australia and European Union



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Carena J. van Ripercvanripe@illinois.edu
Department of Natural Resources and Environnmental Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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